Monday, March 1, 2021

It's a mystery?

One of my virtual friends, a person whose Facebook posts make it abundantly clear is a complete and total extrovert, is currently in an ICU. They've been there for over two weeks. They have admitted to coming about as close to dying as it's possible to get without actually taking a dirt nap. They have COVID. They have apparently survived the crisis stage and are now recovering to the point where they were able to get back online and update acquaintances on how they're doing. 

This brush with mortality is not a surprise. This person is so far over into the extrovert quadrant of Meyer-Briggs that it was clear early on the social isolation was not going to be easy. Neither, I'm sure, was the need for masking. This person just likes people too much to be able to self-quarantine long. As soon as it was possible to do dine-in at restaurants, they were doing dine-in. There were frequent posts from various eateries, usually accompanied by comments about how it was a shame they had to travel into Wisconsin to eat in a restaurant because Michigan eateries were still take-out only. 

The person is not a complete fool, so I'm confident they did try as best as any total extrovert could to protect themselves from COVID. It didn't work. I'm also reasonably sure, based on what I've observed of human behavior (including my own), that the longer the  need for social distancing went on the  more chances this person took. Everyone is careful when they first get warned about something, but the more time that passes without you getting snake-bit the sloppier you get about looking where you're stepping in the woods. Like I said, not a surprise.

What floored me were the number of online comments from well-wishers saying stuff like "How could this happen?!" and "It just shows how COVID can hit anyone!" 

Well, yes, COVID can hit anyone. So can lightning. But most of us know that when lightning is predicted you avoid standing on hill tops in the rain while holding a metal rod in your hand. 

Bottom line: wear the mask, people. Vaccinations may be happening, but the virus isn't done with us yet. 


  1. I have a cousin, well educated, affluent, in her eighties - eats out regularly with her ailing husband - doesn't mask. I can't explain it.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  2. We have a small bubble of people but those people have a much larger bubble so I guess we take chances when they visit. I have never stopped hugging as I need hugs and how much damage can a check to check hug do? We wear masks if we go to town and we do wash hands religiously. I understand the need to be with people.

  3. Right on, right on, right on


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