Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Secret to staying cool in Hotlanta

Web radio. WTIP from Lake Superior's North Shore. The weather forecast for Grand Marais, Minnesota (current temp -- 48; predicted high -- 70), is definitely easier on the mind than Atlanta's smog alerts (today it's red for ozone, yellow for other pollutants).

Add in the fact it's community radio with real live humans sitting in the studio talking about what they see walking down the main street in Grand Marais, the music mix is not top 40 dreck, and the accents sound like home. . . I listened to this station while living in the white dorm (aka the clean dorm; the slobs always seemed to end up in the green dorm next door) at Apostle Islands NL back in 2002 -- it came in clear because the signal could come straight across The Lake to Little Sand Bay while stations that were physically closer, like in Washburn, were on the wrong side of the Bayfield Peninsula. Rediscovered it while in the U.P. (sitting close to the highest point in Michigan no doubt helped) and, although they never mentioned streaming, it occurred to me that if WOJB out of Hayward, Wisconsin (operated by the Lac Court Oreilles Ojibwa community; it is the station to listen to if a person wants to stay current with what's happening in Indian country) was available on teh intertubes, WTIP probably was, too. (And, yes, I know Atlanta has Radio Free Georgia, a great progressive station, but their weather reports won't allow me to live in a fantasy world.)


  1. Awesome suggestion! I'm listening to the Northwoods station right now while sitting in Smyrna.

  2. I love any station that loads into iTunes as genre: "ecclectic"!

    Thanks for the tip!

  3. I love most accents..I really love southern accents(much different from Texas accents)but I swear to the Goddess, if I had to be locked in a room with that Paula Deene, I'd strangle her..her voice hurts my ears...grates on my nerves and makes me want to bitch slap her..the only voice that is worse or as Rachael Raye's voice...holy shit...

  4. And WOJB actually has disk jockeys. No play list! "And that there was Van Morrison. Let me see if I can find some John Prine to tack on the backside (rustle, rattle, drop stapler, etc)".


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