Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Depressing news

Woke up to the depressing news that Senator Shameless managed to get re-elected. There was some unintentional humor in the news report, though, as Channel 2 said "Chambliss will take some time off before returning to Washington in January. . ." As far as I can tell by looking at his voting record, he's been taking some time off since his original election to the U.S. Senate in 2002. He has proposed no note-worthy legislation, and has been a nicely compliant rubber stamp for aWol's misguided policies. There was a strong volunteer effort to get out the vote, but, as usual in run-off elections, participation fell way short of what was needed.

I hate to think that once again Chambliss's incredibly sleazy, low road, name calling politics managed to bamboozle the voters -- but it's obvious they did.


  1. Sadly, I suspect you're no more surprised than I was.

  2. well that's enough to piss off the pope.

  3. I wasn't surprised either. Sorry. But we still have Saxby to kick around. Try to see the silver lining in this.

  4. The idea of a filibuster proof senate,with either party in the majority, makes me pucker a bit. On the other hand, I need one of those 'paddle faster' bumper stickers!


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