Friday, December 12, 2008

It's not over 'til it's over. . .

Today was my last day on the detail with the surveillance people. The Strategy document is done; it looks good. Theoretically I should never have to think about the content of that particular document again.

No such luck. Yesterday my team lead e-mailed me to say she'd just put my next editing job into my queue.

What's the topic? The same one I've been working on for the past four months. Who's the lead author? The division chief for the unit where I spent that time.

I guess the good news is that at least I'm not likely to be confused by any of the technical language in the paper.


  1. i would have been banging my head on the wall.

  2. I'm more just annoyed that I'm stuck thinking about biosurveillance for another week. As editing jobs go it's a no brainer, basically just a thorough proofreading, because the two co-authors (a) can actually write and (b) they're the only other people involved in the process.

  3. Arrrgh. Sometimes you just want to be done with it already.


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