Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What genius thought this up?

I'm feeling the need this morning to mock some of my well-meaning co-workers here at Large Nameless Agency. Every so often they come up with bright ideas that aren't real bright.

Like the latest recycling effort.

It is called Deskside Recycling. It'll cover everything recyclable -- paper, plastics, glass, aluminum, just toss it all into one bin. Sounds good, right? My first thought was, oh, good, they're going to distribute the dedicated individual bins like the Park Service used in Omaha, little blue wastebaskets with the Recycle emblem on them. We'd be doing good for the environment and stimulating the economy by tossing some money in the general direction of Rubbermaid. Not quite. LNA wants us to "re-purpose" our existing trash cans, our regular wastebaskets, the one I'm used to just dropping my soggy tea bags, Hershey Kiss wrappers, apple cores, and used sandwich bags into.

So what do I do with the apple cores and tea bags? Anything that's touched food (or is the residue of food) will get carried up to the trash bins in the third or fifth floor break rooms. I don't think so. In fact, I think the odds are pretty good (given that this is a voluntary effort) that the majority of my fellow cubicle rats will keep right on pitching their trash into (what a surprise) the trash can next to the desk.


  1. I say toss it in al together - let them now hire some moron to "sort it all out!" Did they hire a special think tank to come up with this one?

  2. It was dreamt up by a volunteer committee. They obviously didn't think it through -- it's one thing to say "carry your Budget Gourmet carton" to a trash can on another floor, but people have little odds and ends of trash all day: Kleenex, gum wrappers (and eventually the gum), etc.

  3. wonder if they used company time to come up with that idea?


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