Sunday, April 5, 2009

Car shopping

It looks like the S.O. and I might be starting the "new" vehicle search a tad earlier than we had planned. The current vehicle has begun displaying little quirks that make us nervous. We got stuck in stop-and-go traffic on I-85 southwest of Atlanta yesterday, and the transmission began doing things it should not do. No problems getting home, just the minor inconvenience of stopping for lunch a little earlier than planned and letting things cool down, but nonetheless a worrying sign we may soon be confronted with a major expense. I'm not at all happy with the idea of having to invest in transmission repairs on a pick-up that's 14 years old and starting to rust around the edges, but I'm also not happy with the prospect of spending a lot more money on a totally different vehicle.

On the other hand. . . this could be the ideal time to car shop. Lots of inventory on the lots, dealers willing to deal, and no major pressure to grab the first thing we spot that both matches the budget and our needs. So now I guess the S.O. and I need to have a serious chat about just what it is we want to buy -- he's leaning toward a 3/4 ton diesel pickup and I'm thinking PT Cruisers look kind of cool. Obviously, at this point we're not exactly on the same page.


  1. I thought they quit making the PT Cruisers. But you are right, you can pretty much make your own deal on a car at this time. Good luck.

  2. ah ha!..which is why I always buy cars/trucks with standard's...the expense is much less and I can do most of it myself..took the clutch, fly wheel out of my old chevy truck in one afternoon.did have some one help with the muscling part of the drive shaft..
    i love my little mazda truck..i fill up the gas tank and can drive for 3 months in west...haha

  3. I lean towards a standard transmission myself, even though it would be a pain here in Atlanta with all the stop and go at traffic lights. The one sure thing is that whatever we buy it will be used. Can't afford the payments on a new car.

  4. I hope it goes well for you. One of my colleagues recently purchased a Toyota Rav 4 and loves it. They got a great deal on it brand new (which blew me away because she is the most frugal person I know). Good luck with the search!

  5. Reminds me of the time we had been out test driving convertibles and my husband came home with a Dodge Ram truck.


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