Thursday, April 30, 2009

Retirement plans

Wonder if these ladies started their business after more traditional investments got wiped out on Wall Street last year?

A northeastern Pennsylvania prosecutor said he's shocked that two sisters accused of selling heroin are 65 and 70 years old. Monroe County District Attorney David Christine told reporters Wednesday that to look at the suspects, it's hard to believe the charges they face.

Police said the women are believed to have been dealing heroin out of their Stroudsburg-area homes for almost six months and pulling in about $10,000 a week in sales.


  1. I can't blame a person for trying to make a living, albeit not quite on the "legal" side. Supply and demand overcame their sense of honesty.

  2. Honesty my ass, this is the American Dream come true. Entrepreneurs are what these women are. Black market is a time honored tradition in hard times and prohibition. Find your niche and fill that need.

  3. Or maybe they just watched one too many episodes of "Weeds."

  4. Really - it's fine for big pharma. Why not?


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