Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Things are turning nasty

I've been thinking about some of the recent weirdness in the news, the various shooting rampages, the tanking economy, the demented rantings of right wing wackaloons, and trying to figure just how to express some of the misgivings I've been feeling. Now I don't have to -- Ed over at Gin and Tacos has a great post up on the right wing and how it reacts to losing elections:

During the Clinton years we had the Waco siege, Timothy McVeigh, the Olympic bombing (by a pro-life extremist), and a revitalization of the neo-Nazi and nationalist right. In the past year we’ve had a man go on a shooting spree to kill as many liberals as possible while another murdered three police officers because he was convinced that Obama was coming to take his guns away. Think it’s unfair to pick out these isolated” examples? Fine. Find me one example of a liberal snapping and rushing off to “kill as many conservatives as possible until the cops kill me.” Go on. I’ll wait.

Republicans get elected and the worst that happens to America is some shrill rhetoric, empty threats to move to Canada, and the occasional public protest. Democrats get elected and the right instantly goes over the edge; we get Federal courthouse bombings and shooting sprees. These incidents, I’m afraid, won’t be the only ones of their kind during the Obama years. I worry that we’re going to have another Oklahoma City. I worry that we’re going to see more unhinged white guys who dabble in neo-Nazi circles snapping and going on shooting sprees. I worry that someone’s going to take a shot at the President. I worry because I think all of these things are virtually assured to happen in the next four or eight years.

Go read the rest. It's worth it.


  1. I agree, it is all so scary. But I firmly believe that that Limpballs person is inciting the masses (of right wingnuts). I believe in free speech - but I believe he has crossed the line. In that group of wackaloons you have to include Bachmann from Minnesota. She's gone off the deep end and no one is reeling her back in. What a frightening bunch of crazies.

  2. I agree too. I went on a "Illegal Immigration" Rant today. I'm for shipping all the pissed of white conservatives off to their country or original origin. Let them go screw up someone else's country.


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