Friday, July 24, 2009

Quilts: I actually finished another one

I started it in Omaha. The piecing was fast and easy; the hand quilting took what began to feel like forever. It's a queen-size, I finished it around the end of May, and gave it to the older grandson a couple weeks ago.


  1. Those are wonderful presents, they say so much.

    I still have one my grandmother made and gave me for my 13th birthday, still see her face and feel her hug when I look at it.

    I also have an afghan knitted by a favorite aunt. The memories you get when you see them, the feelings that return.

    These are treasures beyond price, great gift for you to give.

  2. I love the colors, patterns and simplicity of the layout with the border. I don't have your patience!

  3. Nice. I sleep under a quilt every night that Laurel Ann made me.


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