Sunday, July 12, 2009

All good things must come to an end

The vacation's over. I'm home, back in Atlanta, stiff and sore from two days of driving, covered with bug bites, and waiting for the ehrlichiosis symptoms to hit. Who'd a thunk wood ticks would love crawling under sandal straps so much?


  1. Oops. Hope you don't come down with anything! Sorry your vacation is over, and welcome back to the real world. It's tough I know!

  2. Be very careful, a friend of mine got Lyme and a couple of other nightmares. Made his life most difficult for a couple of years.

    I was at the Gettysburg reenactment over the 4th, ran afoul of some chiggers. Life was not pleasant.

  3. I'm not real worried -- but I edit so many papers about rickettsial diseases that when I see ticks now my mind automatically starts writing titles like "An Unusual Case of Tick-Borne Illness in . . ." Occupational hazard.

  4. oooh, ticks...
    but vacations can be fun..I'm hoping to take one to virginia to see my granddaughte and visit all the bloggers i know on the way..
    I want to drive but everyone is freaking im going to be abducted or fall asleep at the wheel...?..weird..

  5. Ouch!!! Good luck with those bites. We always seem to think the worst, and in your profession, it has to be worse.


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