Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bring on the tinfoil hats

Sunday morning. C-SPAN.  Lunatics crawling through the phone lines.  Good times. 

And it's equal opportunity tinfoil this morning -- people calling in on the Republican line to foam about impending socialism, Democrats calling in to rant about the lack of a public option and Obama selling out to corporate interests, and various oddballs calling in on both lines to spin their 9/11 conspiracy theories.  Occasionally Teh Stupid manages to achieve new depths.  One of the highlights this morning was someone calling in to point out that "the government has never made a profit at anything."  Well, duh.  Government is by definition a nonprofit.  It's not supposed to make money.  That's why it's the government. 

There was also a call or two from folks teetering on the edge of senile dementia with their fears about socialized medicine ruining their Medicare or VA benefits, proving that some veins of stupid never stop flowing. 

The most bizarre part is seeing Rick Scott sitting there pontificating about reforming health care.  This guy is the sleazeball who was CEO of a company that got nailed bigtime for Medicare fraud a few years ago.  He's talking up the private sector, of course, and criticizing the proposed healthcare reforms.  It's so weird -- the man should be sitting in a prison cell somewhere, not sitting there in a suit being treated as a respected expert.  Fortunately, several callers have actually pointed that out.

I wonder occasionally just how thoroughly discredited a person has to be before he or she can no longer market him or herself as an expert on anything.  When someone gets called out on lie after lie, and also ends up being wrong over and over again, why does anyone bother listening to anything that person has to say?  And wouldn't it be nice if these various talking heads who serve as fronts for astroturf organizations had to wear coveralls with company logos on them like Nascar drivers so we'd all know immediately just where their vested interests lay?


  1. 'The government never made a profit.' Wow. It's all about profit isn't it?

  2. I dare anyone to come up with a workable health care program that is affordable and everyone is happy with, it just isn't going to happen.

    So take care of your own the best you can and to hell with everyone else.

    I still say that we all should be on the same plan the politicians are on. It's not like they should be more special than we are.

    Wait, DC is a separate country that Americans are stupid enough to fully support with extravagant things.

  3. The intelligence level in this country is just scary. And not in a good way.

  4. My personal preference would be Medicare for all -- it must be pretty decent coverage because all the geezers howl like wounded banshees whenever there's a suggestion to tinker with it.

  5. since the left have a higher iq than the right..maybe you can only get single payer if you pass the iq test..hah

  6. Um, as an old geezer on Medicare I have mixed feelings about it. I still have a hernia that hasn't been fixed for one thing.

    But that's partly my fault cuz the doctor that was going to do it turned out to be a greedy bossy bitch, I've since learned of a group in town that will do it for just the Medicare but haven't went to talk to them.

    And there's a lot of things Medicare won't cover, unless you are willing to go through a bunch of loops with DSHS, they seem to do a pretty good job of helping keeping purely worthless people alive that has never contributed anything to society.

  7. Keep it on topic? In that case consider this a personal message.

    I put a new post on my projects blog this morning.


  8. So an Irishman walks out of a bar.
    Really, it does happen.


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