Monday, March 29, 2010

Speaking of clueless relatives

This morning the S.O. got another one of those e-mails bemoaning the evil, evil American Civil Liberties Union and its supposed attempts to remove crosses from military cemeteries.  It was the usual bizarre spiel, the one that proves that the person who wrote it originally has never, ever bothered to look at an actual U.S. military grave marker -- as I've said before, the traditional marker is a tablet.  It is not, no matter how much some folks might want to believe it, a cross.  I looked at the e-mail, and I didn't know whether the appropriate reaction was to laugh or cry.

Anyway, the first photo in the e-mail was this one illustrating the sort of hallowed ground that the ACLU wants to mess with by banning crosses:

It's not a particularly good image and tends to pixilate if you try to go much bigger, but, Christ on a crutch, it's a picture taken on a bloody beach!  If you look really close at those lights in the background you might recognize Santa Monica, California. 

It takes a special type of stupid to send out a photo of an anti-war protest installation set up within spitting distance of the Santa Monica pier and claim it's a military cemetery. 

The Arlington West site has a whole slew of much better photos, including this one by Debra Ruby:

But I guess the Bible-thumpers sending out the anti-ACLU spiels would be reluctant to use this one, because it acknowledges not everyone in the military is a Christian.

Jesus wept.

[The S.O. says there is some good news -- at least this time around the photo is actually from within the United States, even if the poster was so inept he/she pasted it as a mirror image of the original.  Usually that e-mail goes around with a scene from a military cemetery located in France or Belgium, where they do use crosses.] 


  1. Someone had the best FB status today regarding the way today's verbal Christians behave/believe.

    He essentially said that if Jesus were to come back today, Christians, especially those who have used him and his name to bash and belittle and bully the rest of the world, would build a big stage and make a big show of welcoming his back.

    Until he opened his mouth.

    Then they'd be ready to nail him back up on the cross.

  2. makes you want to start slamming double shots of tequila don't it..sigh*

  3. Jesus wept.

    It's more likely that he took another drink and said, "Ah, fuck it."

  4. Or maybe pulls a reverse "rapture"?


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