Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We're safe

Health care reform will not be repealed.  How do I know this, given that the airwaves are full of bloviating Republicans and teabaggers vowing to roll it back ASAP to ensure that cripples, kids, and the chronically ill can still be jacked around by the insurance companies?  Bill Kristol has weighed in on the subject. 

Kristol is, in fact, predicting a fast repeal.  Kristol, the pundit who has never been right on anything (other than his political orientation) in his entire career. 

I have a lot of reservations about the reform as passed.  It is, among other things, a massive gift to the insurance industry, although from the gnashing of teething and tearing at hair on the right you'd never know that.  On the other hand, it is, as even Dennis Kucinich has admitted, a start. 

As for efforts to repeal it?  Lots of luck with that one, teabaggers, when the items that kick in first are the ones that are most popular with the public, like being able to keep your college student kids as dependents on your insurance plan until they're 26 or being able to get health insurance in the first place for your asthmatic child.  It's going to be rather tricky campaigning in November on a promise to do bad stuff to sick kids -- although I'm sure a fair number of Republicans will try.


  1. that's what i keep saying..we got the door open..now we can at least have a basic starting place.

  2. You're right. If Kristol says it will be so, then that means it will not ever be so.

  3. That is a really good point. I am going to remember it and be able to spew it back to repeal-ers. :D


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