Monday, April 19, 2010

Not a happy camper

I'm feeling remarkably depressed at the moment.  I'd asked Human Resources to run the numbers for how much I could expect in the way of a pension if I retire as soon as I'm eligible -- and after deducting for the spousal benefit and anticipated insurance premiums (health and life), the annuity is a negative number.  Looks like I'm going to be editing articles about giant tapeworms, obscure retroviruses, and avian influenza for at least a year longer than I wanted to. 

[And, yes, I know I shouldn't complain when I actually have a job and a lot of other people don't -- but if I retired, that would create an opening for someone who's currently not working but would like to be.]


  1. Actually, very, very few people even have pensions anymore. My husband worked for a pension services company for 10 years and they didn't have a pension plan!

  2. The defined benefits pension plans are an endangered species, aren't they? Think this government job is the only one I've ever had that included an actual pension as a fringe benefit, and I haven't had it long enough to get much from it.

  3. if it's just a year..your lucky..most cant retire at all..

  4. I'd asked Human Resources to run the numbers for how much I could expect in the way of a pension if I retire as soon as I'm eligible.

    It's over my head why monkeys even fuss about how much they will have in their retirement. I get by just great on my $938.00 a month.

  5. BBC, after deducting for insurance, my pension, if I took it next month, would be -$66 and some odd cents. It's hard to live on a negative number.


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