Monday, April 12, 2010

When will we learn?

Quite a bit of the news that I caught on the MSM this weekend was taken up with discussions about Afghanistan and the various ways we're screwing up there, including a fairly nuanced reference on Bill Moyers Journal to that mess I ranted about a few days ago -- the baby shower that U.S. not-so-special forces turned into a blood bath.  Lots and lots of bloviating about how we're getting better, we're working hard on reducing civilian casualties, et cetera ad nauseum. 

So what's the first thing I see when I check out the NYT this morning?
U.S. Troops Fire on Bus in Afghanistan, Killing Civilians

American troops raked a large passenger bus with gunfire near the southern city of Khandahar on Monday morning, killing as many as five civilians and wounding 18, Afghan authorities and survivors said.
Not surprisingly, the Afghans aren't too thrilled with this latest blunder.

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  1. they have been there so long(the soldiers) that they have become desentitized..they feel nothing..killing a soldier or killing a kid..same difference..bring them home before we turn a generation of kids into blood thirsty killers.


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