Saturday, December 18, 2010

Made in the USA?

Is anything still made in the USA besides F-22s and cars with foreign brand names, like Mercedes and Kia? Every year my cousin Terttu sends me goodies from Finland -- like a reindeer candle holder -- that are either made in Finland or very clearly symbolize the country.  And every year I go slightly crazy trying to find something -- anything! -- for her that (a) isn't made in some Asian sweatshop and (b) symbolizes either the US or wherever I happen to be living (like Georgia) in a reasonably tasteful way.  And every year it seems like the pickings get slimmer and slimmer. 


  1. No one sends me anything and I'm thankful for that cuz I don't want more shit.

    Make something and send it to her/him and it will have been made in this country.

    Next year, for the low price of 15 bucks (plus shipping to you) I will turn you a one of a kind toothpick cup on my metal lathe to send her/him.

    I've never made two that were the same.

  2. Hey, it takes me 3 or 4 hours to make one of them so it's not like I'm asking a lot for one. It's just something to do.

  3. I agree that the reason there are fewer and fewer things made of quality and taste is because they are made in countries where they really don't know anything about us - except that there are a lot of people here who like really cheap stuff.


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