Monday, December 13, 2010

TMI, or, here's a quarter

Started off the day with a remarkably detailed e-mail from a co-worker containing way more information than any of her fellow peons really wanted to read or know. Is it just me, but doesn't over-explaining why you're calling in sick throw up a huge red flag with "I'm actually at the mall!!" embroidered on it? It reminded me of the lies little kids tell, the ones that are increasingly elaborate for no apparent reason other than guilt. 

Personally, I figure any explanation is TMI -- unless you're going to be out of the office for more than a day, no one wants to know if it's because your body is rejecting yesterday's Chinese takeout or if you've just got a bad case of ocular hemorrhoids. The only thing anyone needs to hear is "I won't be in." 

I'm not sure just what reaction she was hoping to elicit from her co-workers (empathy?  the offer of a ride to her doctor's office?  mints on her pillow tonight?), but the collective response seemed to be a yawn.  Apparently I'm not the only heartless bitch in the work group.


  1. A lot of offices are now solving this problem by not having "sick days" at all - everything is "Personal Time Off" - so you can just say "I'm taking a PTO day today" and be done with it and not feel obliged to explain you're hacking up green stuff, or worse explanations yet...

  2. Back in the good old days we would just call in if we were late getting to work and say something like, "Don't pay the ransom, I got away and will be there soon."

    Hell, we were all a bunch of drunks there wasn't much point in making up bullshit why we would be late, everyone already knew why someone was late for work.

    If it was something like going fishing I just called the boss and said, "Hey, asshole, I'm going fishing today, wanna come with?"

    As for the one above the peons, she likely wanted sympathy, tell her to look it up, it's in the dictionary, between sex and syphilis.

  3. I just noticed the text in the picture. Won a life time supply of who gives a crap? Shit, wish I would have won that in my 20's.


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