Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Depressing stuff heard on the news

Mexico's economy is in much better shape than ours. Their unemployment rate is below 6%, and, with the exception of the sections of the country along the U.S.-Mexican border where drug cartels are killing people, the country is thriving. If it's been looking like the numbers of day laborers hanging out at Home Depot have been shrinking lately, don't credit Immigration and Customs Enforcement for doing its job -- undocumented immigrants are heading back to Oaxaca and Michoacan on their own.

Why is the Mexican economy doing so well while the rest of the world is still reeling from a recession? One reason is banking regulations. Apparently about 30 years ago Mexico went through a financial crisis that caused the government and the banking system there to re-evaluate how to do business. They actually learned something from their mistakes. End result? They didn't get sucked into the global financial meltdown that hit every place else when financial bubbles started bursting on Wall Street here in the U.S.

You know, when Mexico starts looking a lot better than the U.S., you know for sure the slide into third world nationhood is accelerating.  


  1. I counted a dozen guys outside Home Depot the other day - maybe I should give them this info. With all the work we are sending south and elsewhere, it is not surprising that Mexico is doing better.

  2. Yes, but demand finincial reform and you have the Republicans foaming at the mouth. It is all about the rich and money.
    McConnell, Boehner, Cantor, the old school GOP and the new far right baggers feel no knship with
    the middle class and especially the long term unemployed.

    It is not We The People with the Republicans - they see it as "Us" and "Them" and folks, we are the "Them".


  3. Sarge, I've never been able to figure out why the Republicans and Big Business have such a love fest going on. Historically, every time the Republicans are in office, the economy tanks. The Democrats come back in, and business thrives. But who does Big Biz give its money to? The guys who consistently drive the economy into the ditch. It's totally illogical.

  4. Big Biz and Republicans ... I think it's because Repubs have traditionally had better tailors and neater haircuts. Plus they look natural smoking big cigars.

    You've solved our unemployment crisis ... I'm taking my toolbox, sneaking across the border, and hanging out at a Home Depot in Mexico City.

  5. Nan. Traditionally, many Mexicans have crossed the border for jobs so they can send money back to their families.

    Families are sending the money back.


  6. I'm retired now and get by fine on my small income, so I don't give a shit.


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