Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer is officially over

. . . at least up on the tundra. The 2011-2012 snowplowing bill for the driveway at the Retirement Bunker arrived today.
The photo is an old one. Here's a view in the summer of more or less that same stretch of driveway 30+ years later. Rewilding in action.


  1. Got quite a shock to see that snow picture! :)

  2. Summer has finely arrived here, it's been beautiful the last week and Terry and I had a GREAT camping trip.

    We seldom get more snow here than what I can move with my riding mower.

  3. I would imagine it is no fun at all to pay a snow-plowing bill in September.

  4. Not much fun, but not a shock -- it is a part of the country where we joke about enjoying 9 months of winter and 3 months of rough sledding.

  5. That second picture is a highway?
    I remember the old wing plows in the 50's. They would make a ridge of snow on each side which would drift full, next big blow. soon the bad cuts in the hills would be impassible. At least you had trees in UP.


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