Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Not exactly an urban homesteader

It's almost harvest time on the patio, and about all I can say about this year's results is it's a good thing we don't have to rely on our container gardening for survival. I managed to kill most of the plants by going on vacation for a little too long ("mummified" would be an apt description for what greeted me when I returned from Michigan in June), and the sole pepper plant to survive has managed to produce a grand total of six, count'em, six peppers to date. It bloomed a lot, but all the polinators were apparently far too busy up in the mimosa to bother with a mere pepper plant at ground level.


  1. I don't take gardening serious because I suck at it. But I had better do something about that aloe vera plant before it blocks all the light and view from the window.

  2. BBC, if you can KILL an aloe vera plant, you are an accomplished brown thumber.
    Nan, those peppers look awesome even if the rest didn't make it.


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