Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Major score

The office chair of my dreams found mingling with a pack of ordinary, ergonomically horrible chairs in one of the vacated cubicles. Hard to believe the person lucky enough to have it didn't insist on having it moved to his or her new workspace because it is so much better than the typical el cheapo furniture.

I love this chair. Too bad I won't get to enjoy it very long. Oh well, 9 work days of sitting in comfort is better than none at all.

I am mildly surprised none of my coworkers snagged it before I did -- we've all been circling through the vacated work spaces foraging for office supplies (binders, hole punches, various other odds and ends we can never manage to persuade our admin person to order for us). I wonder if the first buzzard to spot some fresh roadkill experiences the same sense of elation?


  1. Years past I won a fantastic office chair in a sales contest and I was amazed at the strange looks I received from my coworkers when I rolled it out of there and put it in my suv when I quit.
    Well, it is perfect for my new business and be a great addition to my drafting table.

    Great cushioned seat and high back support...

    But, that wasn't "office" furniture- that was mine.


  2. I prefer just a plain office chair, actually, standing at a computer station is best, they say. I tend to have to agree with that being as I've worked in three parts houses where we stood at the computers.

    Although when I had my parts house I sat on a stool a lot bullshitting with customers, or waiting for them. Then I would get off my ass and stand at the computer.

  3. Not many days left, huh. Home to UP in time for winter.

  4. The last few days in such comfort - it was meant to be.


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