Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Welcome to Geezerville

It's official. We're old. The S.O.'s "Welcome to Medicare" brochure was in the mail yesterday. I'm not sure why it should feel like a surprise, because from about age 50 on there's one reminder after another that time is moving on, starting with the invitation to join AARP, then the senior citizen discount being offered without you asking for it, and, most depressing of all, looking in the mirror and seeing your grandmother (or grandfather) staring back at you.


  1. Funny feeling, isn't it, this getting old business? Beats the alternative but takes some getting used to.

  2. Welcome aboard - it is what it is - you can't beat it, but you sure can fight it.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  3. Got a few more years before I get that mailing, but the rest I am already experiencing. Not sure when this all happened...

  4. Read the stuff - the more smart about Medicare- the better.
    As to aging:
    I went to see one of our law clients named Helen, she was then a mere ninety-two. She told me that she did not like being called a senior citizen or elderly and that it pissed her off at McDonald's when she was asked if she wanted a "senior coffee" . I asked her what she prefered to be called and she replied, "Helen". I told her that was old and pressed her for an answer. She smiled and said, "choronlogically gifted".

    Loved it. She did ask me to have a spot with her before I left and produced some nice apricot wine made by a friend of hers in Bean Bloussum (south of INDY in Brown County). "Well, I imagine that you are stopping at Oliver's (Winery on US 31) on the way home", she snorted.
    She was correct. I always stop in and sample the new stuff.

    Chronoligically Gifted...

    remember that and Helen...



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