Monday, February 6, 2012

Will 2012 set new records for low voter turnout?

It's looking like the monied interests in the Republican Party are going to succeed in buying the nomination for Romney, a candidate whose main selling point seems to be that he's Not Obama. Over on the Democratic side, the nominee will, of course, be the incumbent President. Somehow I can't see voters of either persuasion  or, for that matter, the much touted and lusted after independents getting particularly excited about voting either one. Votes for Romney in the general election won't be votes for Romney; they'll be votes against Obama, and vice versa. A lack of enthusiasm kept a lot of Democrats away from the polls in 2010 -- what happens in 2012 if neither side can work up the energy to vote?


  1. Obama has several things going for him - before 2008 blacks showed little interest in voting -that changed. Also, the Latino voters are allarmed at the GOP's
    anti-immigrant stance.
    Then there are the thumpers who will not vote for a Mormon. Lastly, Romney is killing himself with his remarks that are fodder for the Democratic ad effort - "I don't care that much about really poor people".
    Now, redact and explain what you really meant all you want - the sound clip in the ad will stand.

    The man is a dunce. Not as bad as Perry; but head up his ass for sure...


  2. As a foreigner, I am cheering for Ron Paul. Putting up a Closed for Business sign on the Empire and taking everyone home sounds good to me.

  3. I would never skip an election, but I can see the frustration that leads to the "none of the above" response of not voting. What people don't see is the long term problems their apathy creates. spome of those issues have finally been brought forward by the occupy movement. Too bad those folks weren't involved and voting 8 or 12years ago.

  4. Like always I'll vote for the idiot of my choice simply because I can.


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