Saturday, March 3, 2012

Do we have snow?

After the latest 9 inches fell, the S.O. decided he'd better clear the roof on the Garden Shed (aka Tammi's Shack; the Younger Daughter built it when she was in junior high) after he noticed the rafters had a distinct bow. I'm not sure just how much we've got on the ground, but the snow was about 3 feet deep on that roof.


  1. Well, you did want to move to the UP.

    It was like spring here today, I sure enjoy driving around with my window down.

  2. Brrrr...

    We had a couple flurries yesterday on the back side of that terribile
    storm we had here in se Indiana.


  3. Billy, not complaining about the snow, just observing it.

  4. You do live in the snow belt, don't you?

  5. They would be loving that in our CA mountains. We are having a warm, dry winter.

  6. The crocuses are popping up here is Troll Land. That's nice, but we didn't get over 4 inches of snow all winter. Thank God Republicans tell us there's no climate change.

    As Yooper in exile, I miss the fresh air, woods, lakes, and even the snow.


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