Saturday, March 17, 2012

Maybe the Mayans were right

I saw a woman in L'Anse yesterday wearing flip flops. It's March. This is the U.P., the place the S.O. refers to as UP on the Tundra. No one should be able to wear flip flops in March around here. We're supposed to still be in our Sorels and worrying about shoveling snow, not rummaging in the closet for the high water pants and sandals. Granted, it was only in the 60s, but that's like summer weather for Yoopers. According to the Weather Underground, the projected high for today is 81. Up here we consider it an unusually warm summer if it hits the 80s in July!

It's been an unusually mild Winter in general. Ice never did form on Keweenaw Bay to the point where anyone was able to get out there ice fishing, and I noticed the last time we went to town that some guys already have their boats in the water. I also spotted a white pelican at the head of the bay. White pelicans do not winter this far north, so I guess that's another sign the usual weather patterns are truly out of whack this year.


  1. We had a year like that in 1988. There was very little snow all winter and it was hot in April and in the mid +40C for weeks in May and June.
    Worst drought in the history of the province.
    Spring is slow coming in Ukraine. Today is the first day above +5C (40F). Snow is going soooo slowly. Sunny areas bare, north sides of anything, still snow.

  2. Shit, wish it would get up to 81 here.

  3. Nan,
    Global warning and Climate Change are both liberal lies? Thirty five years ago Lake Superior froze over and you might have been able to drive from Copper Harbor over to Thunder Bay in Ontario. Now, Keewanee Bay in the "BIG" lake is ice free?

    You people paying attention?


  4. But, but, global warming can't be real because Al Gore is a nerd!

  5. Global warning and Climate Change are both liberal lies?

    What in the hell does liberal have to do with it? Liberal is just a word, like fuck or queer.

  6. Mild and practically rainless winter here. I have been seeing flip flops all winter. Funny how some people instantly revert to the warm weather wear and others stick to coats even when it is warm out.

  7. Renouned climate scientist Rush Limbaugh says there's no climate change.

    Nothing to worry about.


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