Monday, March 5, 2012

Pass the aspirin

I don't need it to put between my knees -- it's for the dull ache generated by the many head*desk moments that occurred while listening to the bloviating about women's health and oral contraception over the past week. I know Rush Limbaugh makes a living by catering to the ignorance of the poor dumb fools who listen to him, but are there really that many men out there who think birth control pills are like Viagra?


  1. Only the far right zealots like Sanitarium.

    good post...


  2. Got me, when I had my wife on birth control pills I damn sure didn't need viagra.

  3. On top of it, they are blaming the Dems for "creating" the issue!

  4. Did you see Colbert's mockery of Rush? Really did a great job pointing out the stupidity and ignorance, as well as the hypocrisy, of Rush's "contraceptive" rant.


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