Thursday, April 24, 2008

And trees will die for this?

From today's Washington Post:

Miley Cyrus has reportedly inked a seven-figure deal to pen her memoirs. And none too soon. At 15, she's achieved the maturity and distance needed to reflect on her life's lessons. Although the book won't hit stores until 2009, Celebritology has obtained (wink wink) an incomplete outline of the book's proposed chapters, complete with handy descriptions.

The descriptions are, of course, totally tongue-in-cheek. Too bad the book deal itself isn't a joke.


  1. judas fucking priest..she's a baby..what kind of life experiences has she had to write about?...kill

  2. Hey, all she'd need would be a couple more years and she could get the money and Harvard admission on the strength of similar literary accomplishments.

    (See Viswanathan, Kaavya.)


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