Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More politics

James Howard Kunstler, a man who definitely has a way with words, had this (and more) to say on the recent Obama = elitist flap:
Barack Obama caught hell last week for daring to tell the truth about the ragged thing that the American spirit has become. He said that small-town Pennsylvania voters, bitter over their economic circumstances, “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them” to work out their negative emotions. He might have added that the Pope wears a funny hat (see for yourself this week), and that bears shit in the woods (something rural Pennsylvanians probably know). Nevertheless, in the manner lately prescribed for those who slip up and speak truthfully in public (and in contradiction to the reigning delusions), Obama was pressured to apologize for his statements.
The evermore loathsome and odious Hillary Clinton, co-owner of a $100 million personal wealth portfolio, seized the moment to remind voters what a normal, everyday gal she is -- who would never look down on the small-town folk of Pennsylvania the way her "elitist" opponent had -- forgetting, apparently, that the Clinton family's consigliere, James Carville, famously described the Keystone State as a kind of redneck sandwich with Pittsburgh and Philadelphia as the bread, and Alabama as the lunch meat in between.
Head on over to Clusterfuck Nation to read the whole thing.


  1. yeah, watching her down the shot and a beer made me want to barf...she was raised in a rich republican family..talk about the pot calling the kettle black...oops, supposed that's not politically correct either..

  2. Hilarious! Especially the sandwich part. It must have been an overstuffed sandwich too; one of those that squirts half its contents out when bitten into, judging from the number of electronics engineers from PA currently residing in Huntsville.


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