Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lifeways of the Cherokees and Colonial Settlers at Ninety Six NHS

Coming up this weekend, April 5-6, in South Carolina. I had never heard of Ninety Six National Historic Site until it got a brief mention in the AJC's Travel Section this past Sunday, but Saturday we're going check it out. Two Revolutionary War battles were fought there, although the cynic in me says they couldn't have been very important ones if they never made it into my high school history book. Cannonball parks are not normally my thing, but the living history and the mid 18th century music sound like they could be fun -- and for sure it'll be another stamp in the NPS Passport.

Just coincidentally, the park is located almost within spitting distance of the largest flea market in the South. I have a hunch that may have been the deciding factor in getting the S.O. signed on for this expedition.

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