Friday, December 4, 2009


It's Friday afternoon, there's still an hour to go before I can escape from LNA, and I should be proofreading an article that describes syphilis reemerging on a Caribbean isle.  But I need a mental health break -- it's been a long boring week, and the classic STDs are simply not that exciting, even if they do beat out H1N1 influenza for human interest.

I had planned to post something about the Thanksgiving expedition to Texas after we got back, and I sort of did, but over on I See Dead People, not here.  That's not a commentary on the holiday -- it was nice, got to see more of the local area in east Texas, including the famous dog cemetery.  And then I was thinking about ranting about politics, mainly Afghanistan and Obama's idiocy in deciding to sink more troops into that useless endeavor, but couldn't work up the ambition.  Ditto climate change, hacked e-mails, corruption in science, cuts to Medicare, paying for healthcare, mammograms, who won the Atlanta mayoral election, and Tiger Woods mattress hopping.  After awhile apathy starts looking good. 

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