Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Living in a third world nation

Major intersection in metropolitan Atlanta, North Druid Hills and I-85, and the grass and weeds are getting so tall the walk sign is going to be blocked soon. 

Somehow I don't think this particular example of neglect can be attributed to one of those "do not mow, wildflower area" projects.

Update: Well, as of June 21, the weeds have been cut on this side of the guard rail (obviously not visible in picture, but it exists); no sign there are any plans to mow the rest of the area around the interchange, though, and the kudzu on the north side of the street is still making good progress in hiding the bus shelter.


  1. one of the ? good things about texas..we keep our highways mowed(except during bluebonnet season) and the fines are so stiff for litering it doesnt happen much.

  2. Texas is a remarkably clean looking state along the highways. The contrast between it and its neighbors is pretty striking.


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