Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Apathy, ennui, or malaise?

The house is a mess (we left the place looking looted when we headed out on vacation), the laundry baskets are overflowing, and I know I should be packing for the impending move up the sidewalk, but I'm feeling zero motivation.  I'll blame Blanche Lincoln (D-Walmart).  She won the Democratic primary run-off election in Arkansas last night, proving once again that once the Waltons decide to buy a state, it stays bought.  I don't think her opponent Bill Halter was quite the paragon of progressivism that various groups were claiming, but he did appear to at least come close to being so far left as to maybe qualify as a centrist, which is a lot more than can be said for Lincoln. Between politics, the mess in the Gulf of Mexico, and Israel managing to engage in some remarkably stupid behavior, the news has been remarkably depressing lately. 

The move up the sidewalk may actually be happening fairly soon, so maybe I should focus on it instead of being bummed out by politics.  All the major structural work appears to be done, the plasterers came and went while I was in Michigan, and the painters are working now.  I talked with the plumber this morning -- he's in the process of finishing up the washer/dryer hookups.  About the only thing left to do is the floors.  Once I see the carpet guys around, I'll know we'll be doing the apartment shuffle shortly. 

Work is the same old shit. It definitely doesn't function as much of a motivator.  I like what I do (most of the time) and I certainly can't complain much about working conditions or wages, but sometimes when I see the bureaucracy in action I can understand why people bitch about the government.  Of course, usually it's not actually the bureaucracy or an official government policy but some asshole supervisor just high enough in the food chain to have a tiny amount of power he or she enjoys using to make other people's lives miserable.  One of my co-workers is trying to get permission to telework due to a hardship situation.  They've  allowed teleworking for similar reasons for other people; there's no earthly reason for denying her request.  She has a job that is almost 100% Web-based, she doesn't work with any sensitive information, and she doesn't need to meet face-to-face with anyone, ever.  It's the type of work that can be done from any place on the planet that has a decent internet connection (mine fits that description, too).  It screams Tailor-Made-for-Telework.  So what is our division management doing? Throwing every conceivable roadblock in her way to keep her trapped in her cubicle.  At the same time, we're treated to email after email from The Director and other top management types blathering on about Large Nameless Agency's commitment to encouraging telework and promoting a greener work environment.  Someone needs to tell the guys at the top of the food chain that the goal of having 25% of the workforce teleworking this fiscal year is being sabotaged by the mid-level managers. 

There is one good thing to be said about the situation I'm in now -- past the magic number for qualifying for retirement.  If anyone at Large Nameless Agency ever tries jacking me around the way they're playing games with my co-worker, that'll be my last day at work.  It'll be one of those, oh, by the way, today was my last day moments as I head for the elevator with the magnet collection and my plants.  There's a limited amount of soul I'm willing to sell just to rub two coins together, especially when I now have a safety net.


  1. It's a good feeling to know you can leave your job any time you want to, isn't it?

    I'm just back from vacation, too, with the same problems - house is a wreck, no motivation to fix that, and depressed by the world news... well, it will look better tomorrow, after a good night's sleep, I'm sure. And at least I don't have to move! Wow, not sure I could handle that on top of everything else!!

    Welcome home. :)

  2. Regarding the managers and telework - I suppose it is deadly to go over their heads with the request? Geez. We humans are our own worst enemies.

    Moving, even down the sidewalk is hellish. I can understand the lack of enthusiasm.


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