Saturday, June 12, 2010

So much for sleeping in on Saturday

The carpenters were hammering away next door shortly after 7.  Think they're putting up the trim around the doors and windows.  The move grows closer, and, as long as the hammering and power tools don't grow so loud that they interfere with the C-SPAN addiction, a little construction noise isn't an issue, although it did mean I was awake slightly earlier than I had planned to be.

C-SPAN began with discussing the mess in the Gulf, of course, and there were the usual tinfoil hat types calling in.  It always astonishes me how quickly people can come up with conspiracy theories, particularly truly batshit crazy conspiracy theories.  The capacity of gullible minds to believe the unbelievable never ceases to amaze me.  Example:  Al Gore and his fellow tree-huggers conspired with British Petroleum to sabotage the drilling rig so that at some point in the future all the environmentalists can make a killing in the solar panel market.  Bizarre.  Some of the theories were almost as amusing as the guy who suggested the way to solve the whole problem was to dump huge amounts of dry ice into the Gulf of Mexico to freeze it solid.  As a society, we're definitely reality-challenged. 


  1. I laughed at this because if I didn't, I would cry. I turned on C-SPAN the other day when one of the goofballs was just getting wound up. I switched it off. Where did my tolerance for dumbasses go?

  2. oh no..didn't you know..Obama did's all his fault..he caused it..hired someone to do it..or something along those lines..stupid pinheads.


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