Friday, August 6, 2010

Maybe your paranoia is seeing a problem where none exists?

I heard a moderately amusing on the news today.  Seems a local watchdog group, Jobs for Georgians, is concerned about undocumented workers being hired to work on a major government construction project, the new Cobb County Courthouse.  So they pushed for background checks of the approximately 700 workers on the project.  The sheriff's department says they've investigated over half the workers, and so far this is what they've found:

Two guys with outstanding warrants:  Lambert Williams, 31, for failure to pay child support, and Ray Lee Roberts, 29, for violating probation.

So much for the vast hordes of mojados stealing jobs from honest Americans.


  1. Yep - I love those jobs people trying to disguise their hate of the "other" by trying to look concerned about "jobs."

  2. Pretty much the reality behind all of these "statistics."


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