Friday, August 20, 2010

The upside of insomnia

Comedy Central doesn't bleep out the fucks at 4 a.m.  Jim Norton uncensored -- if I wasn't wide awake before, I sure am now. 

I'm not sure why I'm awake this early.  I thought it was because the phone was ringing at 3 a.m. and was all set to be annoyed about people drunk dialing wrong numbers, but I must have dreamt it -- when I checked the phone the last call registered by caller ID was from a couple days ago. 

Actually, a drunk dialed wrong number wouldn't bother me too much, at least not as much as the robocalls my cell phone has been getting from one of the local mega-churches.  My minutes (I have a cheap plan with a finite amount) are getting eaten by taped greetings from what sounds like a Stepford wife hoping that she'll see me in church on Sunday.  Christ on a crutch.  If I wasn't an atheist before, that type of mass marketing technique would turn me into one pretty fast.   If you're going to proselytise, people, at least show the same amount of ambition the Jehovahs and the Mormons do and do it in person.  Get out there and start pounding the pavement and ringing doorbells.  Not that either group has much luck when they knock on our door -- our neighborhood tends to get the missionaries who come prepared with the Spanish-language version of the Book of Mormon so the conversations tend to be brief -- but at least they're human. 


  1. I swear - if religious institutions are going to adopt all the tactics of business, why in the hell can't we tax them?

  2. I'm often up at 4, so I feel your insomniac pain.


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