Saturday, August 14, 2010

Stunning display of cluenessness

I was watching The Ed Show on MSNBC last night, and got to witness one of the all-time most clueless displays of white ignorance and racism I've seen in a long time.  The panel discussion was about Dr. Laura's use of the infamous N word in talking with a caller.  The caller had a legitimate problem, and Dr. Laura responded the way she always does -- blame the victim -- and accused the caller of being too sensitive. 

Dr. Laura also did the usual psuedo-naive white person's lament of "I don't get it.  Why is it wrong for me to say nigger, but black people use it all the time?"  The simple answer, one that doesn't even get into the long and troubled history of race relations in this country, is "For the same reason that the Irish can call each other drunks and Poles can tell Polish jokes without being called bigots, but people outside their ethnicity cannot, you dumb bitch."  But that isn't what floored me about the discussion on The Ed Show. 

No, that honor goes to Heidi Harris, Las Vegas conservative radio talk show host.  In debating whether or not Dr. Laura did something wrong, Harris told Joe Madison (a black progressive with an XM satellite radio show) Dr. Laura doesn't dislike black people.  Madison thought the same thing that I did -- that Harris was going to pull out that tired line about "some of her best friends. . ."  We were wrong.  Harris dropped so far into cluelessness that even my jaw dropped.  Her defense of Dr. Laura?  The woman can't be a bigot -- she has a black employee (a bodyguard). 

Holy fuck.  That's in the same class as "I really like Hispanic people. Our gardener Jose is a gem."  No wonder the right wing comes across as a bunch of tinfoil hat types.  They really are dumb as rocks.


  1. That "Dr. Laura" is truly one of the most loathsome persons on the face of the earth. Her smug self-righteousness is absolutely revolting.

  2. She isn't even a doctor and she has no business even trying to give other people advise.

    Ps. calling her a dumb bitch is sexist. we hates the racists AND we hates the sexists too. :)

  3. Dumb as rocks is right. And they have no idea that what they say is so obviously offensive.


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