Sunday, August 15, 2010

Whatever happened to Tony Danza?

And what does it mean when a person dreams about bus travel?  Is it more or less significant that Tony Danza was also on the bus? 

I've read enough about dream symbolism to know that travel in any way, shape, or form represents a desire to leave one's current situation, whatever that situation might be.  It's actually fairly accurate, too, because I'm impatient in the short term to get the proposed move from this apartment into a renovated one over with (the latest update is that it might, just might, happen sometime around Labor Day, but the manager didn't sound particularly optimistic), and in the long term I'm anxious to get out of Atlanta.  But Tony Danza? 

I'll just chalk it up to a weird connection triggered by having spent some time on the phone last night with the Older Daughter.  She was a fan, sort of, of "Who's the Boss?"  That didn't come up in conversation, but who knows what sort of odd linkages happen in the subconscious.  My friend Teresa was in the dream, too, and I haven't seen her in ages.  Maybe my subconscious is planning a trip to Grand Rapids?

I'm one of those people who usually doesn't remember dreams at all, so when I do, I'm always a little curious as to just what inspired what I do remember.  Usually I can come up with some sort of explanation . . . but Tony Danza? Very strange. 


  1. Maybe Tony represents all the crap from the past that you'd like to leave behind and forget, but that you're afraid will follow you. Like how we all love in fear of Tony Danza getting another show.

  2. I always try to figure out my dreams, and they are usually quite remember-able, if not memorable. I recently had one where my parents were both still alive and were telling me I had a brother who was born with some congenital bone disease and who had been in an institution all his life and I had never known about it. Bizarre.

    I have also been dreaming about work at least once a week ever since I retired. No letup in sight. Sigh.


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