Sunday, April 17, 2011

I could hear the tinfoil rustling

First topic of the day on C-SPAN this morning? Donald Trump and his supposed interest in being a Republican candidate for President in 2012. I swear, every time I think the right-wing loonies have hit the ultimate in living in a fantasyland, they manage to top themselves. Does anyone with two brain cells to rub together seriously believe that The Donald is doing anything other than promoting himself?

They showed an excerpt from his most recent speech given to the delusional Obama-haters. The Donald managed to touch each and every one of the red meat issues in under 60 seconds: he's anti-abortion and pro guns and a birther. The gullible fools in the audience ate it up. He was telling them exactly what they wanted to hear, so of course they think it's the closest thing to the Second Coming they've seen in a long time.

And then the calls to C-SPAN began, proving once again that there are a lot of people out there who will support anyone who's willing to validate their own delusions.

I do recognize that all politicians play the same game: they make promises to the electorate that they either know can't be kept or will not be kept, but they run their mouths anyway. But usually they're a little more subtle about it -- there's nothing subtle about The Donald. He's going to tell the Republican base exactly what they want to hear, no matter how insane it is, and they're going to be foolish enough to believe every word of it.

We do have to thank Trump for one minor blessing, though. He's managed to suck so much oxygen away from the other possible candidates that Caribou Barbie seems to be fading into the muskeg. One can only hope that a year from year Bible Spice's star has dimmed to the point of being referred to as "Sarah Who?"


  1. I dunno, a Trump-Palin ticket might be more fun than taking LSD and sorting through a room full of cobra snakes, looking for the corpse of the last sane Republican.

    T-P would certainly stimulate the sales of hip boots, gas masks and rabies shots.

    Beside, Mad Men Romrey is sooo boring and creationist Huckabee wouldn't lie (would he?). He'll just be fantasizing his whackadoodle views as if we all learned about politics, religion and science from Crazy Ed, the used car salesman and part time tent preacher.

  2. I have ulcers from the thought of The Donald becoming the President. America is already run by its corporations--we need someone to take us away from that rather than closer to it. What's the word for a country ruled by a business? Corporatocracy?


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