Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Lunacy Continues

I speak, of course, of Birthers, the pathetic losers who are dumber than stumps and totally unable to get their heads around the fact there's a black man in the Oval Office -- and he's not there to pour the coffee. President Obama released his long form birth certificate this morning, and, judging by some of the way-beyond-delusional comments in the AJC, Washington Post, and elsewhere, the tinfoil hat crowd has simply decided to double down on the crazy.

Personally, I love the way all the wackaloons keep babbling on and on about a "certificate of birth" not being the same thing as a "birth certificate." Obviously, they haven't looked at their own papers in a long, long time. Either that, or they're so illiterate they don't know what a prepositional phrase is. Or maybe both.

Actually, some of them have looked at their own papers recently. Sort of. One of my favorite comments today was from a wackaloon who ranted about the fact the certificate as shown didn't have the baby's footprints or a nifty gold seal like his own did. The poor sap is actually so clueless that he thinks the souvenir certificate hospitals sell the parents to frame or put in baby books -- the ones that usually state clearly, albeit in small print at the bottom of the form, that it's not a legal document and an actual, legal birth certificate has to be obtained from a government office -- are what the real ones look like.

The stupid, it burns.


  1. I have an official copy of my birth certificate, it's not that damn impressive. They very a lot, depending on what state (or future state) you were born in.

    I was born in S.L.C. Utah and mine hasn't got a foot print on it, or the time of day I was born.

    It amuses me when women that are into astrology tell me they can't chart me cuz it hasn't got my time of birth on it.

    What in the hell has that got to do with us hitting the sack or not? Geez, what fruitcakes.

    Tell your lazy hubby to do a new post.

  2. Frankly, I don't give a rats ass where anyone was born. If we could just come up with a decent president I wouldn't give a shit if he/she was born under a pile of cow shit in India.

    The constitution states that a president has to have been born in the states, I don't think that is important at all, what if we pick up another new state in the next couple of years?

    Lets see, Hawaii became a state in 59, he was born in 61 as I recall, if he had been born in 55 would these fucking idiots be crying fowl ball?

    I swear, I'm surrounded by fucking idiots.

  3. bob and tex are about to drive me to drink with that shit on my blog..they can talk that crazy shit on their blog, but I'm full of it on mine..sigh*

  4. BBC, actually, the Constitution doesn't say a person has to be born in the US to be eligible to run for president. All it says is that a person has to be a natural citizen. Exactly what it takes to be considered a natural citizen was determined by Congress -- and they've changed the definition a number of times. At the time Obama was born, what it took was one parent being a US citizen regardless of where the child's birth took place. In the 1980s new legislation was passed that says both parents have to be citizens, and, IIRC, they have to be married at the time of the child's birth.

  5. Isn't it fun? This, cheap gas and cheap food keep the great unwashed from messing with the running of the country. And so it should. Can you imagine creating and controlling the greatest empire the world has ever know with those idiots actually running things?


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