Wednesday, April 6, 2011

And the shutdown draws closer

Just caught a quick news update on local television, and it appears the Republicans aren't budging an inch on compromising on a budget. It's weird. In one breath, John Boehner admits that a government shutdown would do absolutely nothing -- it would cost more in the long run than it would save, it would tick off the public once people started figuring out just what all it entailed, and it's more likely to damage the Republicans than it is to hurt President Obama. Then in the next breath he says, but we're going to do it anyway. Politicians really do live in some sort of alternate universe from the rest of us.

The atmosphere at work has turned a little weird. We've come close to a shutdown so many times now that the prevailing attitude seems to be that it's not going to happen. It'll be interesting to see how people react if it turns out to be real. I have a life outside the office; I'm not sure some of my co-workers do.


  1. You really do live in a strange country. I have just been reading MoJo and need to stop doing that, for the sake of my health. but it is cheaper than low blood pressure pills.
    Canadian governments cannot be shut down if a budget fails to pass. The previous budget continues on with 1/12 allocated each month until a new budget is passed. Total failure to pass a budget results in an election call, as has just happened.

  2. "Politicians really do live in some sort of alternate universe from the rest of us" ...

    Yes, they (Republicans) are the dead spirits of Confederate soldiers, still fighting the Civil War, hoping their side will eventually "win."

  3. what a stupid bunch of people..we dont' have enough money so put all the people that are actually putting money into the system..out of work..judas priest.

  4. Politics is a mental illness.

  5. I'm pretty close to kicking the living shit out of the first Tea Bagger that opens their mouth in front of me. I blogged my position, but to me, public broadcasting, womens health and clean air are more important to me than whether I come to work on Monday or not. We can't cave in to those Neanderthals.

  6. They don't care because, apparently, members of Congress will still collect their paychecks, unlike the rest of the government workers. So very wrong....

  7. I find it interesting that almost everyone whines about our government and wants it to fail.

    And then get all worked up when there is talk of it shutting down. Maybe talk of a shut down is just a scare tactic they use to get everyone behind it again.

    I don't give a damn if they shut down, bring it on.


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