Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Liberal media? Or cheerleading section?

I made the mistake of watching CBS this morning. This is the network that Caribou Barbie likes to blame her various woes on, the network that sicced Katie Couric on her and forced her to answer tough questions like "What do you read?" I don't know why Bible Spice bitches about the lamestream media, because they're doing a better job of flacking for her than her own PR people.

Palin was in Madison, Wisconsin, to speak at a Tea Party rally -- the Koch brothers and others supporting this astro turf effort chartered buses to haul in the faithful, put up the bucks for the Quitta from Wasilla's fees and expenses, and generally tried to put on a good show. Well, I know from various non-major network sources that they only managed to fill 6 out of the original 14 chartered buses, protesters outnumbered supporters by quite a bit, and that Palin was resoundingly booed a number of times. Did any of that get mentioned this morning?

Nope. All the shots were tight ones, showing Palin and a handful of people around her so you never got to see just how big the "enthusiastic crowd" was, there was no mention of the fact they failed draw even one half the number of people they thought they would, and not a word, not a hint, nada, regarding the protesters. All this accompanied, of course, by a lot of blather about Palin being one of the front runners for the Republican nomination in 2012. So much for the liberal media.


  1. Protesters in Madison protesting Sarah Palin.

    If the link doesn't work, here it is again.

  2. I decided to look up "liberal media" in the dictionary ... all it showed was a Dodo bird standing next to a dinosaur.

  3. It doesn't matter what our voting choices will be next time, they will all suck.

    And the fucking liberals give everyone the right to vote without passing a test.

    Time to head UP to the Tundra.

  4. you want good news? watch Jon Stewart.

  5. I wish the media would go back to the job of being neutral and actually make an effort to report the truth, or at least all sides of the story.


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