Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another WTF moment

In the parking deck at work. This behemoth of a vehicle

proudly labeled "Hybrid."

So that means what, exactly? It gets 7 miles to the gallon instead of the usual 5?


  1. This Cad's base price is $75,000 and it gets 20 m/g in cities and 23 m/g on highways. Such a deal!

  2. Oh, I'm guessing that it gets over ten miles to the gallon, maybe even over fifteen.

    But that is beside the point, most of the damage to mother earth was caused to just make that piece of shit.

  3. Question: What will happen to all these Hybrids when they get old?

    I don't picture 20 year old hybrids because the lower income folks that need transportation won't be able to afford new battery packs for the used rigs.

    Well, maybe they can just stumble around on the gas engine? I've been around a few of them, the engines are running most of the time anyway unless you are driving slow in a parking lot.

    And the way some of these monkeys drive they even run in parking lots.

  4. Standard status symbol here in Ukraine (not Caddy but size and colour) with all but the front windows windows so black you cant see in.
    Don't knock 7 mpg. My first car was a 1956 Buick Special. In winter, city driving it DID get 5 mpg.

  5. I read somewhere that the electric vehicles have better "pick up" than a gas engine. So some of the hybrids are hybrids not so much for the better gas mileage as for the better performance. So they don't save much gas, but they let the drivers of these behemoths pretend they are in a sports car.



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