Sunday, July 10, 2011

This explains a lot

The AJC has a brief report on cognitive decline in the South in today's paper edition. I went looking for the article online, but couldn't find it -- I figure it explains a lot. I did find an article online that linked to the original report.

Briefly, researchers found that older people in the so-called "Stroke Belt" -- the American southeast, the red state Bible Belt -- not only have a higher risk for strokes, they're also more prone to "cognitive decline" than the rest of the country.

Let's see. Old people are more likely to vote than younger people. Older people in the South are sliding into senility faster than old people in New England or the upper Midwest. End result: Georgia ends up with prizes like Lyn Westmoreland (Congressman notable for referring to President and Mrs. Obama as "uppity"); Minnesota gets Al Franken. Another mystery solved.


  1. (Congressman notable for referring to President and Mrs. Obama as "uppity")

    All presidents think they are special, and it's clear that they like to grand style of living in the White House and making fancy trips at our expense, not to mention those fancy meals and parties.

  2. Don't forget Westmoreland's performance on The Colbert Report!

  3. I looked at the clip. Hard to believe he's been re-elected twice since that segment ran.


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