Friday, July 29, 2011

More weirdness from bizarro land

I'm sort of watching Hardball, and they just broke to a quick statement from the Tan Man, his Orangeness John Boehner, who kept going on and on about the administration's unwillingness to "put anything in writing" when it comes to spending (or not spending) tax dollars. Just what the fuck do the Reptilians think the current federal budget is?! It's an annual exercise -- the executive branch provides a document to the Congress that lays out in great detail exactly where and how the administration plans to spend money. Congress argues it, pushes for changes, and eventually okays most of it. If that isn't putting it in writing, what is? The money the country owes now (and the teabaggers apparently don't want to pay) in fact reflects a document that Congress read and approved several months ago. So why aren't any of the moronic talking heads who get paid big bucks to pretend to know what they're talking about asking that question?

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  1. I admit I had to stop watching those show for that very reason. They have gotten to the point that they just accept anything their gusts have to say. No challenges, no truth telling, no investigation.


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