Monday, December 21, 2015

I'm not a climatologist

but I do recognize when the weather is strange. We've been waiting for Winter to get here since early November. It's apparently still lost, because even though we've had some freezing temperatures (mostly at night) and there is snow on the ground, we seem to be stuck in what for us is more like early Fall.  I wish I had had a better camera with me yesterday because what you're seeing to the right are a couple guys fishing on Keweenaw Bay in a boat in December. What would be normal weather for this area in December would be for there to be so much snow and ice on the ground that even if the Bay was still open, no one would be able to launch a boat. There'd be snowbanks in the way. Not this year. The ground in L'Anse and Baraga is bare; there were several tow vehicles and trailers parked at the boat ramp in Baraga yesterday.

The thing that annoys me the most about the abnormally warm weather is listening to the weather forecast day after day and hearing the phrase "freezing drizzle." There's nothing quite like hearing over and over that it's possible that when you step outside in the morning that the car is going to encased in ice or that the roads are going to be skating rinks to make a person start thinking that being a snowbird isn't such a bad idea after all.


  1. Just as weird on this side, too.

  2. mid to high 70's all this week..rain this weekend..feckity.

  3. Gene has lived in Texas most of his life and he said it is the warmest here that he has ever seen here this time of year, it's in the 70's this week.

  4. The whole months of November and December with temperatures at leas ten degrees above normal. Weird... A snow dusting the other night but temps too high to remain. I don't remember a year like this.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  5. We are 15 to 20 degrees C above normal here. Only froze at night a handful of times in the past two months. Everything is damp but little or no rain.
    Tanya is in |Siberia and reported -25 for two days then back up to -4. They have snow at least. Crazy weather.

  6. 70+ degrees today in DC and it could be warmer; and did I mention the steady rain? This is just plain weird, some of the trees are getting confused and seem to think it is early spring. I would much prefer for the precipitation to be snow, instead of ankle-deep rain that overflows the curbs. Last evening on Conneticut avenue, down by the Mall was full of water to the point where you couldn't see the curb and water was erupting up from the drains. Once we got up on 'The Hill' it was just wet streets, but down on the flat it was a swamp. Hope the White House has a sump pump.


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