Tuesday, December 15, 2015

More proof people are idiots

The Texas plumber whose used truck wound up in video footage of Daesh (aka ISIS) fighters in the Middle East is suing the car dealership that took it as a trade. Apparently the man has been receiving death threats and his business has suffered since the video appeared on the final episode of "The Colbert Report" earlier this year.

And why has he been receiving death threats? Because some people are such idiots they believe the guy gave his truck directly to Daesh. You got it -- there are dim bulbs out there who apparently think that a small businessman in the Houston area could just drive directly to northern Syria and hand the terrorists the keys to his used work truck. The stupid, it burns.

What actually happened, of course, is the dealership sent the truck to an auto auction where it became part of a group of used cars and trucks shipped to Turkey. From Turkey, which appears to have a pretty wide open borders trading agreement with Daesh, the truck made its way into Syria. The thing I'm curious about is whether or not the seller in Turkey did the custom work of mounting that anti-aircraft gun in the box of the pickup or if Daesh does that type of thing in-house. And is it permanently fixed in place or can it be slid in and out fairly quickly?

As for the truck itself. . . .look at it. Not a speck of rust anywhere. It obviously had high enough miles and/or enough years on it that the plumber figured its useful days were over for him, but, wow, it's in good shape compared to trucks of a similar vintage here in the U.P.


  1. He should have removed his logo before turning the truck over to the dealer. Or gotten word from the dealer that it would be removed before resale.

  2. The dealer did tell him they'd remove it, which is why he's now suing them. Nonetheless, the people calling him are idiots. The normal reaction would be to think, well, that's a little weird that a truck from Texas wound up in Syria. Only a dumb fuck would pick up the phone and threaten to kill the guy whose truck it used to be. But as you've learned first hand Texas is full of dumb fucks.

  3. I hope he makes enough to change his plumbing company's name.

  4. I hope that is not where my truck ended up.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  5. Texas is a strange place. Is there something in the water?


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