Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Retro garment for one of the grandkids

I managed to shake off the blahs enough to wander up to the Woman Cave and do some sewing this afternoon. I finished a project that used some of the fabric from the Thelma Stash, a flannel print that would cause most adults to recoil in horror but can manage to look cute (sort of) when used for an old-fashioned nightgown for a 4-year-old.

I still haven't figured out a pattern for the next quilt. I keep feeling the urge to start cutting pieces, but cutting pieces is hard to do when I have no idea yet as to what size, shape, or how many I'll need.  It'll come to me -- right now I'm thinking vaguely of doing something involving chevrons.


  1. I was by a JoAnns fabric store this morning over by Fort Worth and couldn't think of a thing I wanted. Because there isn't one here I'm often wishing there was.

  2. Our local JoAnns closed a few years ago. I miss it. There's a quilt shop that sells yard goods, but doesn't have nearly as good a selection of notions as JoAnns does and the prices on everything are ridiculously high.

  3. Cute nightgown. Happy New Year, Nan

  4. I love flannel night gowns..might make some for the girls when I get my machine fixed..this one is really cute


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