Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Mid-winter blahs

I seem to have a pretty good case of the mid-winter blahs. No energy, no ambition. Not exactly seasonally affected depression but kind of skirting the edges. I'm spending way too much time doing not much of anything other than staring at the computer monitor and playing mindless games. It's a good thing we're past the solstice or I'd be getting even less done than I am now. My energy levels always start to climb as the hours of daylight increase and we start seeing some sunlight. Theoretically, we'll start seeing sunlight soon.

December's always a really dark month here. Even when there isn't much snow falling the sky tends to be overcast. You know that Christmas full moon that kept getting mentioned in cyberspace? We didn't see it. We saw clouds. We see clouds a lot. It's overcast today, it was overcast yesterday, it's going to be overcast for the indefinite future. There are no bright sunny days showing on the 10-day forecast, just a whole lot of clouds and possible snow showers. There's nothing quite like a constantly gray sky to put a person into a constantly gray mood.


  1. I haven't done jackshit since had all started to gang up on me..the things I had been I"m resting...the full moon was fecking beautiful

  2. I know that the bright sunny days where I feel I have to get up and get out and do something is healthier for me than the grey mousey short days of winter when it is easy to stay inside and lethargically lay around and eat and read and nap and get on the computer and eat and read and nap.... But, I love the dark days of winter, especially during a snow storm.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  3. I'm trying to embrace the gray. More than just the fur on my face.

  4. April 1 will be here soon and Spring with it. Hang in there. Christmas night was clear here so I did see the glorious full moon. Didn't see Santa cross it in his sleigh the previous night though. Gifts are distributed New Year's Eve, which is celebrated much like Christmas Eve in Canada.


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