Monday, March 28, 2016

And then politicians wonder why they're hated

I noticed a brief mention online this morning of yet another Republican politician who's decided that maybe The Donald isn't the anti-Christ after all. It's becoming painfully obvious that the creature who lives under Trump's hair is going to arrive at the Republican National Convention with more than enough votes to win the nomination. So, given a choice between doing what would be right for the country and doing what they think will allow them to continue riding the gravy train, which do you think they're all opting for? You got it. "My party right or wrong and screw the country as a whole." Congress critters and other political animals who just a few days ago were predicting the Earth cracking open and all the minions of Hell emerging if Trump becomes President are suddenly deciding having Hitler Redux in the White House wouldn't be that horrible after all.

And then they wonder why they're all so universally despised by the average person.

Blogger is driving me slightly crazy this morning with spacing issues -- it keeps wanting to put in floats and margins where I don't want them, but if I try editing in HTML it just gets worse -- so I'm going to take that as a sign more caffeine and less typing is needed at the moment. 


  1. I'll bet there's a rat under his hair directing his every move.

  2. Don't get all worked up about it, nothing you can do about it anyway.

  3. Better Trump than Cruz. Your system of choosing presidential candidates is a strange one from the get go. You have these public battles between the wannabee nominees in which they do their best to destroy the reputation of the others in the race. Party factions line up behind their favourite candidates and say the most terrible things about all the others. Then when one is left standing, they all say they didn't mean anything they said previously about that person and their candidate is really the second coming of Christ, Superman/woman and the Tooth Fairy all rolled into one. And they expect to have credibility?

  4. it will be what it will be. We only think we elect representatives - that is what the politicians tell the punters. Even in the Democratic party the 'super delegates' can put their thumb on the scale - and the electoral college can decide an election. I have never known a member of the electoral college - have you?
    the Ol'Buzzard


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