Thursday, March 31, 2016

Weirdness in the news

William Shatner has been hit with a paternity suit. When I saw the headline, my first thought was that the dude was a little old to be out there getting it on with groupies -- or, for that matter, to have any groupies. Female trekkies who lusted after him back when the original "Star Trek" was on television are now post-menopausal; younger women aren't too likely to pursue a fat old man they associate with commercials.

Turned out it's not a woman suing him at all. It's a dude on the verge of geezerhood himself. Some guy is claiming Shatner is his dad. Shatner apparently did the deed with the plaintiff's mother back in 1956. Yep, you read that right. 1956!

This is so bizarre. Who waits until they're almost eligible for Social Security to go in pursuit of their deadbeat dad? Is the guy hoping to set some sort of record on the Maury Povich show for oldest person demanding a DNA test? If the plaintiff's mother did actually get it on with Shatner, why didn't she go after him herself for child support? And how on earth does a William Shatner story actually manage to make it to the top of the trending list? So many questions. . .

I will confess to a sense of relief, though, when I realized the news item was about Shatner's possible sex life 60 years ago and not a link to his obituary now. There have been enough celebrities taking dirt naps lately that my first initial reaction to seeing Shatner's name highlighted was that he'd dropped dead, too. Not that it would be much of a shock. The dude is 85 after all.


  1. Kirk always got the "romantic interest" in the original Star Trek. Now he mostly plays a parody of his Kirk character. William Shatner is my second cousin's husband's brother's wife's second cousin once removed. How's THAT for a shirttail relative?

  2. I wonder if maybe the alleged son might have waited until after his mother died to pursue this. His mother might not have wanted her dalliance with Captain Kirk to be made public?

  3. I do not believe that guy for a minute. Good Americans did not slap hips out of wedlock back in 1956. It was forbidden.

  4. thinking about Shatner having sex at anytime makes me squint.


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